Revenue Share

Standard Partner
25% Revshare
Premium Partner
35% Revshare

Probably our most popular plan that calculates a flat percentage of the net revenue from all referred customers. This provides a recurring income stream for affiliates with no monthly negative carry over.


Gross Revenue (Bets - Winnings)
- Bonuses/Promotions
- Admin fees
- Fraud/Chargeback costs
= Net Revenue

% Net Revenue = Income


Standard Partner
$75 CPA
Premium Partner
$100 CPA

Our CPA program will pay an upfront commission on every qualified referred depositing customer. This provides instant income without the concerns off a negative or low revenue stream from your referred customers.

Please contact us to discuss a CPA deal.


For affiliates who want the best of both worlds. Our hybrid plan pays an upfront commission for qualified referring a customer plus an ongoing revenue share for the life of the customer.

Please contact us to discuss a Hybrid deal.